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Private power plants

G.P. Global Power Ltd. and its shareholders have been active in the field of infrastructure for many years.

Global Power focuses on initiating and developing infrastructure projects in general and energy (electricity, thermal energy),

garbage and water ones in particular. Global Power considers infrastructure as one of the industries with the highest

significant growth potential in the coming years, in the world in general and in Israel in particular.

Global Power’s investments are focused on projects of distributed power, with high-energy utilization levels

(combined cycle, cogeneration) and renewable energy in solar energy and biomass.

Protecting the environment is anchored in Global Power’s policy and is one of the fundamentals of its activities.

Global Power consistently encourages environmental protection procedures, to improve its performance

on environmental protection. Global Power works to balance between its environmental protection values

and its business activity, and to develop an integrated environmental approach for all its products,

based on innovative technologies, as an inseparable part of the Company’s policy. Protecting

the environment and corporate social responsibility are embedded in all of Global Power’s activities.

Being part of our society, we feel obligated to use our technological and commercial expertise to protect

both people and nature.

Global Power is committed to working in accordance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations,

as well as strictest environmental standards.


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