Gazit Power Plant

Gazit Power Ltd. (Gazit Power Plant) is in its advanced stages of planning of a power plant in the Kibbutz Gazit Industrial Zone.

The power plant will operate using the trigeneration method (CCHP – Combined Cooling, Heating and Power) with a planned

output of up to 5 mgw of electricity. It will provide all the electricity and energy needs of Kibbutz Gazit as well as thermal

energy to the kibbutz factories. Excess power, if any, will be sold to other consumers through the Electric Company grid.


Kibbutz Gazit:

Founded in 1948 kibbutz Gazit is part of the Jezreel Valley Regional Council. The kibbutz’s economy

is based on agriculture, industry and tourism. The kibbutz features two factories: An industrial and

agricultural valve plant, and a plastic production plant.


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